DESTINATION MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING: The high growth of tourism gives destinations (towns, regions, places etc)  the chance to attract more and more travelers. Our expertise examines the infrastructure of a  destination, to determine the exact levels up to which tourism can be supported. ROI, organizes communication, transportation, staying and the everyday life for the benefit of all relevant, such as locals, travelers, businesses, local authorities etc.

ROI FINANCE: Our executive consultant evaluates the company's or the organization’s strategic fit in various types of transactions and determines the likely short- and long-term financial effects. Our experience across a wide range of industries gives us solid perspective on: <em>read more</em>

ROI INTERNATIONAL MARKETING & EXPORTS: Successful Strategic Marketing requires an insightful approach to understanding and balancing the technical and Marketing needs of the Company or the Organization. ROI Business Consultants combines extensive Marketing Expertise with comprehensive Knowledge ensuring solid and reliable advice in: <em>read more</em>

ROI INFORMATION SYSTEMS: In recent years, IT has become more a strategic weapon than a mere functional unit supporting the all functions and departments. This shift offers new set of strategic options and poses new questions for corporate leaders. Our integrated network of experts allows us to share best practices and leverage crucial information on: <em>read more</em>

ROI OPERATIONS: Today’s fiercely competitive global economy raises the stakes in virtually every industry. To succeed, companies must cut fat and become lean, move faster, and grow more efficient. They must reinforce their core capabilities, find fresh sources of differentiation, and develop the capacity for ongoing change. ROI BUSINESS CONSULTANTS expertise in operations covers areas such as: <em>read more</em>